No wonder they're able to recruit angry young men...

... I'd be angry too if my dick had been mutilated and desensitised as a baby like so many american christians and middle eastern muslims. Isn't it glaringly obvious - male genital mutilation (or circumcision as it's more often known, but if the corportate media can fuck with the language for dramatic effect then so can I), which is so prevalent in the 2 societies currently at each others' throats, both have armies filled with angry young men with desensitised dicks and a fucked up religious upbringing filled with guilt.

No wonder they're so ready to go off fighting. I'd have lifelong anger issues if I'd had the second most sensitive part of my dick removed (without anaesthetic) and the most sensitive part changed from being a delicate internal organ to a hardened external one.

It should, in any civilised nation, be a crime to cut off part of a child's penis. There are no health benefits, and no medical reasons to do it. We don't practice female genital manipulation in the west on baby girls, so why do it to boys. It's fucking sick. Anybody who's not a brainwashed sheeple should be able to make that call. cutting kids cocks = bad MMMmmmmkay!?!

This goes a long way to explaining why american pr0n seems so obsessed with anal too.

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