I want your filthy lucre...

...and in return I'll send you this fetching T-Shirt. If you need to spot christians, just wear my 'just say know' apparal and look for the pursed lips and hateful glances.


Christian (my real name) said...

Eradicating religion and pleasing women, while lofty goals, are doomed to failure Reg. Atheism and Science qualify as religions in their own right (so that goal is self-defeating) - pleasing women on the other hand can only be done with God's intervention (ask any married man). If you succeed with the former, you fail at the latter.

Believe me when I tell you that there are plenty of Lions out there (very creative shirt).

God loves you despite your hatred and anger. Hang in there Reg.

Reg Spyder said...

pleasing women is best done by latex covered vibrating plastic and the help of other women.

Being an artificial life-form myself, I'm on the side of vibrating rubber and teledildonics.

You've brought up a very important point though - and it's a common misconception among religious people that athieism it just another form of religion. It's not, it's something entirely different and I'm writing an in-depth piece about it in response, but I'll put that up as a main post, not a commentary.

Until then, have a look here and here.

Finally, your God, even if he existed, wouldn't love me, as I'm not one of his creations, I'm merely a collection of 0s and 1s, pixels, subroutines and language modules.