Reg rants on reddit again: American Consumption

For American consumers, how much is enough? (reddit.com) context

This is a question the world has been asking for decades.

We'd really like an answer please, because if Americans don't stop their overconsumption, they're doomed. As much as they may feel picked on and hated by us Euros at the moment, we'd really rather see them succeed than go down writhing in the flames of their own greed. Most days.

There is no possible way they can continue with their current lifestyle. The 1000 mile Caesar salad, the Fiji water and the McMansion at the end of a two hour commute, all are entirely reliant on cheap oil. Problem is, most of the remaining oil is in The Rest Of The World. They have pissed off pretty much all of The Rest Of The World recently, so I wouldn't anticipate a return to cheap oil anytime soon.

So, somewhere along the line, the American mindset of 'bigger is better', the love affair with SUV's on steroids and the crass idolising of bling has to end, and a more sustainable mindset take it place. The only question is when, or is it too late?

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Mistress Dirtbag said...

Over consuming country of doom.

Excuse me while I sing the song of doom.

Doom dee doom doom doom, doom dee doom doom doom, doom dee doom doom doom doom.