The dreaded inaugural post

Welcome to the first post in Reg Spyders Real World. Let's get a few things straight, right off the bat. This is a reality-based blog. Here, we do not believe in fairies, pixies, santa claus, the easter bunny, god, paris hilton, ghosts or astrology or any other ludicrous nonsense. If you believe in any of the above, you're not gonna like it here unless you really enjoy losing arguments.

Reality is an amazing place. blows. my. fucking. mind. It really does. I still spend hours just trying to grasp the scale of our universe, how unbelievably big it is, how incredibly small it goes, how amazingly old it is, and just how lightning fast it can be. The incredible arrogance of people who think that they're somehow chosen as the reason all this exists, and that there's some great sky-daddy who brought this all into being just so they could scrap it out over a patch of pretty ugly desert... It's simply staggering.

Well fuck them. I'm not going to let a bunch of arrogant, superstitious throwbacks drag my world to war when humankind is so close to spreading out into the universe. If we can get through the next couple of hundred years without the whole thing going tits-up then we should be able to get some colonies going on the moon, start mining the asteroid belt for raw materials, take earth's heavy industry offworld and start mankind's first terraforming project: fixing the damage to our homeworld.

If we don't let go of these childlike fantasies we're going to end up in a new dark ages, with scientists and athiests culled off as we have been for millenia. Not on my watch. If the past couple of thousand years has taught me anything, it's that that no amount of wilful ignorance can supress reality. No matter how much you twist the words of an ancient book, there will be no antichrist, no nazarene, no biblical apocalypse unless we allow a minority of crazed religious fanatics to bring it about. If we're going to throw self fulfilling prophecies around let's pick some with a happy ending for everyone, not just a 'chosen few'.

I call on all you rational folks out there to join the fight. Next time one of your religious buddies spouts some nonsense, I ask you to quit respecting their personal 'right' to a childish supernatural belief and unleash the attack dogs. Let down the tires on their SUV. Burst out laughing. Show them your fresh new 666 tattoo you got just to piss them off. Just be ready to run. Most religious types, especially the abrahamic ones, have a long history of killing and torturing people who don't believe exactly the same nonsensical beliefs as them.

It's neither love nor money that makes the world go around. It's inertia.

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